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At Christmastime, most people think of baking Christmas cookies—I always do. But I also bake pies. What better gift to those you love?


My pie recipes include many that are great for Christmas, made from ingredients that are easy to find. I particularly like to make elegant meringue pies for holiday celebrations.

One year I did a dark chocolate meringue pie for Christmas, with a graham cracker crust. Sound good? It's not complicated and definitely delicious. It makes an elegant presentation:

Chocolate meringue pie

Another fun option is cranberry custard, colorful and tangy and festive.

And, as always, I urge you not to be afraid of making a pie crust. Graham cracker crusts are really easy, but a regular pie crust also isn't hard—really! Just click here to see a short video on how to make a pie crust.

And don't forget New Year's Eve! A pie would make a great dessert.

On this website you won’t find every pie ever invented , but you will find dozens of my favorites, along with tips on how to become a pie chef yourself. Start with my Easy Pie Crust. In no time you'll be making my Pie of the Month.

I have a lot of pie recipes, many handed down from relatives, and I also share the stories that go along with them. For the most part they are simple pies that use fresh ingredients, not complicated concoctions that will send you off to the gourmet market.

Remember the old expression “easy as pie?" That’s what I aim to prove. For starters, watch this video to see how easy it is to make pie crust.

Happy Holidays and Pie Baking!

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Chocolate meringue pie


PieChef Jane Fisher

Above, Jane the PieChef.

Below left, Chocolate meringue pie.

Festive cranberry custard pie.

Cranberry custard pie